Tempi Metronome (Mahogany)

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The Tempi Difference

     On behalf of our team, we are excited to work with you to help your child enjoy playing music. Our metronomes will help your child stay on beat, improve their rhythm, and play with greater confidence. 

     Many kids struggle staying on beat, which is frustrating because it makes learning difficult, stressful and definitely not fun. We believe every child should have the best tools to make learning music fun and enjoyable.

     We know how hard it is to watch your child struggle...which is why our Tempi Metronome has helped over 20,000 children stay on beat, improve their rhythm, and play with greater confidence. 

Our 3 Step Plan

     Our plan to help your child succeed is simple.

Order Your Tempi Metronome, Start Playing Along and Make Music Fun!

Once you order, you will receive

  • 2 Year "Stay on Beat" Warranty - Be protected against defects so your child can focus on having fun! 
  • 2 Months of Music Lessons - Unlimited online music lessons with a live, professional teacher for your kids with TakeLessons™, a Tempi partner

     We truly believe that through a combination of hard work, desire and right resources, your child can achieve their dream of having fun playing music. From freely expressing the way they feel through music to enjoying themselves and entertaining spectators, friends and family, your child can finally become a successful, competent and respected young musician. 

     Helping your child discover their talent for music and be confident that you are leading your child in the right direction. 

Tempi Core Values

Care. Trust. Responsibility. 

     From tens of thousands of little ones around the world, we work hard to provide you, as a parent, with an unforgettable experience. We care about each of our customers and work hard to help you and your child succeed and be happy. We always go the extra mile to ensure a great experience and it is our duty and responsibility to uphold your trust in us with our incredible customer focused team that truly cares about your success and satisfaction.

Make Music Fun Today!

     Help your child have fun and lay a strong musical foundation to help them begin to enjoy playing music. Before you purchase, feel welcome to read over our reviews and customer feedback. When you are ready, click the buy button to begin your child's musical journey to success and radically improve their musical skills today.


- Plastic mahogany grain veneer
- Average 20 Minute Wind
- 40-208 BPM for all sheet music
2/3/4/6 Beat Bell for measure timing
- loud and durable steel gears and pendulum

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